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Susan teaches three art classes. The Wednesday art classes have a highly structured approach to both drawing and painting. We all know the frustration of having a vision of something we wish to create but lacking the skills to bring it to life. The Wednesday class, fondly referred to as the "Mini Atelier" class, is a class based on a similar method of instruction as that which is taught at the Florence Academy of Art. The curriculum is designed to give students a firm foundation in the core skills essential for making strong representational work. Students are taught drawing, design, composition, value and color in subjects ranging from the figure and still life to landscape. The mediums taught include graphite, charcoal and primarily oils. However, students may instead learn pastels once they have mastered values in graphite and charcoal.

The class is divided into both a morning and afternoon section, each 2 1/2 hours. Students are not required to enroll in both sections.

MORNING LIFE DRAWING CLASS:  The morning class is devoted to life drawing/painting where the student learns to draw from a live model. Instruction includes how to do a basic block-in for an accurate representation, exercises designed to assist the student in learning anatomy and structure, and rendering full values in both graphite and charcoal. Demonstrations and video presentations are also used to assist the learning process.  

AFTERNOON PROJECTS CLASS: The afternoon session is devoted to drawing and painting from plaster casts and still life set ups as well as landscape subjects. Each student progresses through various projects in the afternoon session designed to bring their skills to a higher level of polish. 


The first steps to mastering drawing and painting, is learning the basics of measuring, sighting, and comparing. This is usually accomplished with multiple exercises and subjects for the student to practice drawing from. Subjects are changed out every class which allows the student to develop skills rapidly.

After learning to render in graphite (see photo on right), the student moves on to charcoal and white chalk and then eventually to paint or pastel, progressing from monochromatic to limited and then full color palette. Landscape painting is also taught in this class.

Talent is highly over rated. While natural talent will give a serious student a leg up, there are many potential artists who simply do not have the desire or determination to make something of their ability. Vision, desire and practice make the artist and this instructor has seen many a person who thought themselves low on the talent scale, go on to create beautiful work.

Age is only a stumbling block for those who make it one. Almost all students are of retirement age in these classes. Special understanding and patience is given to the needs of the older student. 

Classical Atelier classes are based on an age old system of student and mentor. Classes are
held to a maximum of eight students in
order to allow for a high level of attention.

Students are encouraged to contact the instructor for assistance in all areas of their artistic work from painting to framing. Critiques on work done outside the class are welcome at no additional charge and students are encouraged to work independently.

Classes are divided into six week blocks. One makeup day per six week session is included.All major holidays are observed and a two week break is given over the Christmas Holidays.

Full time (all day) $180.00 for six classes. An additional $10 Model fee is required for each class.

Half Day Life Drawing: $150.00 for six classes. Model fee of $10 per class.

Half Day Drawing/painting (Afternoons):  $150 for six classes.

Classes are held at the private studio of the instructor on Wednesdays:

Morning: 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Afternoon: 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM

72 Derrick Road
Port Angeles, WA 98362

(360) 477-1024 or email:

CBI Certified for Home Schooled Teens


Candace Cade

After spending some time in learning to block in a drawing accurately, the next project is a Pear, This exercise is especially helpful in learning to  see value (dark/light) relationships and nuances. The steps taken in approaching this project are steps that will be repeated throughout the student's education progressing through figures, still life and landscape. 

Student Painting

Students are encouraged to paint subject matter that interests them.

Portrait/Life Drawing

Portraiture is taught along with life drawing directly from the model. 

Student receiving help with a Life Drawing.

Students receive individualized attention.