Bakersfield Workshop


In May 2019 I will be hosting a workshop for the Bakersfield Art Association on Painting Still Life. I’m really excited about this workshop as it will be the first I have taught outside of my local area. I hope to broaden my teaching opportunities and to meet some new folks. If you’re interested in taking the workshop or finding out more about it, go to: They likely won’t have anything posted until after the first of the year so you may need to check back or email them. Check out the video below for a brief intro.

Pastel Landscape Demo at Sequim Museum

At my solo show at the Sequim Museum during the month of June, I gave a one hour demo of a pastel painting.  I really enjoy doing demos because the bring me in close contact with the public. They afford me an opportunity to teach and educate the public as well.  

I didn't have anyone experienced to video tape the demo so I just set up the camera and asked a friend to monitor it just to be sure it didn't stop for some mechanical cranky reason.  Then I asked a student of mine to edit the video so we could get it down in length and clean it up a bit.  Hope you like it!


I've often heard from collectors that framing their newly purchased work costs almost as much as the work itself.  Sometimes more! But framing doesn't have to be expensive.  I purchase most of my frames wholesale or at very reduced prices on the internet.  Over the years I have come to learn a few tricks about framing.  This brief lesson should help you to save some of your hard earned money.  Hopefully so you can buy more art! :-)


Today I'm posting my first video.  It's not a teaching video.  Instead, it's just a tour of my studio.  I've recently started giving lessons via Skype to a long time Facebook friend.  As part of this new endeavor, I pulled my video camera off the shelf, dusted it off and decided to learn how to use it. As a test video and for practice, I put together this little tour of my studio.  So welcome to my favorite place.