I've often heard from collectors that framing their newly purchased work costs almost as much as the work itself.  Sometimes more! But framing doesn't have to be expensive.  I purchase most of my frames wholesale or at very reduced prices on the internet.  Over the years I have come to learn a few tricks about framing.  This brief lesson should help you to save some of your hard earned money.  Hopefully so you can buy more art! :-)


Today I'm posting my first video.  It's not a teaching video.  Instead, it's just a tour of my studio.  I've recently started giving lessons via Skype to a long time Facebook friend.  As part of this new endeavor, I pulled my video camera off the shelf, dusted it off and decided to learn how to use it. As a test video and for practice, I put together this little tour of my studio.  So welcome to my favorite place.